About frozen foods

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We provide restaurant quality food straight to your door in the North West of England, whether you are having a dinner party and want to spend more time with your guests and less time in the kitchen, are too busy to shop, or maybe you just want to spoil yourself, our service will meet your needs. We offer an excellent range of high quality foods from plain fish to prepared meat dishes and all have been carefully selected to meet the highest standards.

All our food is individually quick frozen, (IQF) which reduces unwanted water and prevents size reduction on cooking. This preserves the food’s full flavour as well as all the vitamins and other nutrients.

This website is for Peter C, one of the fully vetted qualified sales team providing a first class personal service you can rely on. You can re-order our products and be sure of the same excellent quality and consistency at all times. This website is a summary of our standard range, updated with the new additions included when available.  Occasionally a product may be out of stock for a while,where possible, these are not included on this site.